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Animation 2D/3D for Marketing Just About Anything

Advertising techniques are changing, and customers are becoming more enticed with brands that are utilizing video to market their products and services. It’s simple – animation 2D/3D leaves a lasting impression. In fact, roughly 75% of marketers are now using animations to connect with clients and increase business.


Animation is an incredible tool companies are using to not only create awareness about their business but to educate customers about processes and procedures. Both 2D and 3D animation can take complex concepts and simplify them into easy-to-understand topics in a manageable, entertaining way.

More than 80% of businesses have pivoted to 2D animation

Because of the fun designs that can be presented – and many of these videos quickly get to the point. 

At MakSchu, we know there are numerous ways you can implement animation within your business’ marketing strategy. For example, animated explainers – 60- to 90-second videos describing your product or business – are a graphical approach we recommend for clients who want to explain a service or subject that might not be clearly understood on its own. Whether you’re looking to develop a logo animation that defines your brand or bring to life a creative heads-up display on a new piece of technology, motion graphics are the best route for you.

Our team also designs many 2D animations for clients who are looking to give motion to graphics, ranging from logos to images – and much more. We can create 2D characters to help present your business in a playful way or make statistics and quotes pop with movement that will capture everyone’s attention. Think about how an infographic and static imagery can suddenly become persuasive pieces all because of a fresh, out-of-the-box design! MakSchu is also highly skilled in 3D animation, like models of products and exteriors and interiors of rooms.

Our team has a comprehensive suite of animation services

Our team has a comprehensive suite of services, which is why we encourage you to check out our animation page and connect with us about receiving a quote for your project. Once MakSchu begins collaborating with you, we start the process of conceptualizing the story and message your business aims to deliver to its viewers. A storyboard is then created, depicting the key moments and information that needs to be on-screen – all in a style the entire animated video will follow.

Style, Relatability, and Cost-Effective

The style of your animation is a way viewers can effectively experience your brand’s personality, using sound effects, entertaining music and a fast-flowing storyboard that swiftly presents information. Relatability is just one of the reasons why animation converts everyday people into leads and loyal customers for your business in such a short amount of time, compared to traditional marketing methods.

And, when considering the cost-effectiveness of different marketing strategies, animation is budget-friendly – and you’ll likely see a high return on investment. If you’re a small- or mid-sized company, odds are you’ve had to get creative on a limited budget. Animated banners,

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