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Video advertisements are produced videos that promote your company, product or service. A short 30-60 second commercial that focuses on a message and not try to explain all the details of the company. It is meant to grab and excite your viewers.

Event Videography

Have you ever been at an event and it felt like it went by in a flash with very little memory of it? For example a wedding, a birthday party, an important business function or even a high school reunion? MakSchu Productions will be there for all your important moments and edit them into highlight videos that capture your memories forever. Click here to learn more about Live Event Production.


Brand Story

Are you tired of explaining what your business is? MakSchu produces and edits company Brand Stories to help solve this issue! A Brand Story is a video that ranges from 2-3 minutes in length and gives an overview and introduction of you and your company. Having this form of video production makes your consumers feel comfortable with using your product or service, and feeling like they already know who they're going to be conducting businesses with. Your brand story will be the perfect first impression on your website and social media pages. Click here to learn more about brand story videos.

Documentary + TV Length Productions

Do you have a story or show idea you want to share? Producing long form shows can be challenging at time but with MakSchu we walk you through our elaborate preproduction process of creating a treatment for your story, creating a rundown for the show, scheduling talent and location and making sure the production runs as smoothly as possible before we ever start the shooting process. Long form productions such as tv/web shows or documentary are a great way to share experiences and stories with viewers. A Documentary or TV Production are best used when you can not fit your idea into a commercial length production.


Green Screen Video Production + Compositing

In today's world green screen has become more practical and affordable than traveling to a location shoot with your production team. Having the freedom of shooting on green screen then placing your subject into any environment and situation. Whether you are flying above the city scape or standing on mars, green screen opens up a new horizon of creative opportunity. MakSchu offers a fully equipped green screen set and the technology to ensure that your footage and composited shots always look polished and professional.

Video Editing

Do you already have a library of video and photography but not sure what to do with it all? MakSchu Productions offer a video editing service that takes your footage and transforms it into an eye-catching story. 

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