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Tell Clients About
Your Business’ Values and Services with a Brand Story

Your business’ unique story is not just a tool to further develop a brand, but an important piece that you can use to promote your services, industry experience, commitment to customers and more. A high-quality brand story video, placed on your company’s website and social media pages, is the perfect way to accomplish this, conveying a narrative that connects with existing customers and potential clients.


So, what exactly does a brand story entail? For starters, a brand story video is a cohesive, highly-visual storyline that tells the history of your business, includes the array of special services it provides, ties in customer testimonials, and describes the company’s values and what differentiates it from industry competitors. These videos typically last two to three minutes, and perfectly encapsulate your team’s work by using inspiring footage and emotional moments to draw in viewers.

Your mission, purpose
and reputation matters

A brand story isn’t simply found anywhere on your website or social media. This video should be one of the first pieces of content your customers and business leads experience, when they start their journey on the page. On a website, for example, you’ll typically encounter a brand story on the homepage or an about page. Your mission, purpose and reputation matters – it’s how people connect with the largest global brands to small, local businesses. The brand story, told not only by you but also your clients, is a piece designed to be showcased, start a conversation with potential customers and make your business relatable.


You’re ready to author
your brand story, but where does MakSchu come in?

Our team collaborates with you every step of the way. We have extensive experience developing inspiring, compelling videos for our clients.


The process begins with our team conducting in-depth research about your company – all with the goal of best telling your brand story. This isn’t video production for the sake of creating flashy footage. You should have a goal in mind for this piece, from your audience’s call to action to the emotions you’re looking to evoke. Our hours-long research extends much further than a brief history of who you are and what your business does on a daily basis. Count on attention to detail during every phase of your brand story development.


At MakSchu, we book two separate filming days with you. The first day focuses on you, your team and the testimonials you may want to add to the video. These elements are crucial in giving off the impression that your potential customers already know who they’re conducting business with when watching your brand story. These interviews not only tell the story of your company through the eyes of many people, but lays out what sets you apart from your industry’s competitors.


Why would it make sense to have multiple interviews? It's important to remember that you’re trying to reach a wide variety of audiences through the video. Each interview adds significant value to your brand because perspectives vary between people, and this is crucial if you’re looking to resonate with multiple customer demographics.


The second film day focuses on capturing stunning visuals that best represent your brand, the team and the services you are providing to clients. Your footage is just as important as the research and interviews we’ve conducted. Each clip is calculated and serves a purpose, whether it’s a shot of a team member shaking hands with a customer or B-roll of your office building on a bright, sunny day. Visuals back up your company’s purpose, need to fit perfectly with the goal you wish to achieve with this video.

We have finished filming, and now
it’s time to create perfection.

Our team spends the following seven to 10 business days putting together the first pass of your new brand story. At that point, we work closely with you to fine-tune the story, music and overall branding to align with your organization. This project is meant to be special, and our team wants you to feel proud showcasing it everywhere.

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