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Create an Immersive, Engaging Experience with Live Event Production

If you have ever attended a seminar that kept you truly engaged from start to finish or a luncheon where you walked away with a lasting impression, odds are that function incorporated live event production. It’s the perfect tool for enhancing the overall experience during any occasion, ranging from townhalls to weddings, corporate and virtual events to special galas – and so much more.


When designed intentionally and set up effectively, live event production can create a professional feel and steady flow throughout your occasion. These services not only push audiences to be immersed in the experience, but speakers and performers in each passing moment. But how does a simple event become an excellently executed, memorable few hours? It requires a variety of creative tools, tactics and – of course – an experienced production team.

Live event production perfectly blends the elements seen on your projection feed, LED wall or the TVs, spread throughout your venue

Typically, at MakSchu, we’ll incorporate graphic components, like sponsor and event logos, animated transitions, auction items and more, along with prerecorded videos, slideshow presentations, and several camera angles aimed across your event space to ensure your audience never misses a beat. Starting from the moment your guests arrive, the content they experience, in addition to the live performances and presentations you have planned, creates an engaging experience. People are focused on the occasion – just what you wanted!


So, you’re probably wondering where we come into play

MakSchu can assist you in the early stages of planning your event by developing branding and creating an overall style through the creation of immersive full-screen graphics. We also frequently shoot an opening event video and closing video, prerecord and edit videos, and produce video messages coming from the voice of your organization’s board or supporters. For certain events, like galas and presentations, we’ll work with your auctioneer or speaker to design the necessary art slides or for-sale items and ensure the design style remains cohesive throughout.

An important factor we always want our clients to consider is how the event schedule and run-of-show starts come together. And, if you’re unsure what this means, a run-of-show is a detailed, line-by-line agenda of your event or the sequence of elements – speakers, various presentations or performances – you wish to feature during your function. Both the event schedule and run-of-show are helpful in determining the right amount of visual content necessary for your screens, so your audience can remain engaged. MakSchu will ensure you’ll have what you need to run a smooth event with an abundance of creative elements.


In the days leading up to your occasion, our experienced team and live event technical director will begin running cables for all the screens that will be needed throughout the event. We’ll also utilize any necessary cables for clear, crisp audio. The team then starts setting up cameras, considering all angles for best capturing the action, and will commence a dry run and mic check. Our team also checks all graphics and videos that will be utilized.

During the event, our technical director ensures the show runs smoothly, without difficulties, and that people in the back of the room can clearly see the on-stage emcee or presenter. We do this by switching the production feed from slides to camera footage as-needed.

Once the event
has finished, we will provide a recording

Which includes content that was showcased both on the projector screen and across the cameras that were used. This footage creates a great opportunity for additional edits, such as a highlight reel of your occasion, excerpts from each presenter, cuts for social media or simply for archival purposes.


At MakSchu, we’re passionate about live event production, having transformed the typical event experience for a wide variety of clients – all of whom are searching for the right team to ensure their special function is coordinated with care. Whether you’re creating an in-person, hybrid or virtual experience, our team is your answer. We want to make sure you wow your audience every second of the event!

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