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Create a
Video Campaign or Commercial That Engages Your Audience

We all can recall our favorite video commercials, whether it was a promo for a top-of-the-line car or a jingle advertising a local company’s services. Many of these video campaigns have several key elements in common, helping capture the attention of an audience, convey a desired message and leave a lasting impact. 

Experienced in commercial video production in Sarasota, our team at MakSchu keeps these factors in mind with each video campaign we create for our clients. And, if you are curious about what your commercial could potentially look like, explore our work before you continue reading! At MakSchu, as we strive to be the best video production company in Sarasota, here are a few key elements our team has found make commercials effective. 


A Clear Objective

A commercial should accomplish a specific goal, whether it's to raise brand awareness, promote a product or evoke an emotion. Unsure of your objective? Skilled in commercial video production in Sarasota, MakSchu can guide you toward establishing a goal when our team meets with you. 

Effective Storytelling

A high-quality video production in Sarasota, or wherever you are located, is an opportunity to tell a compelling story that resonates with an audience. Our Sarasota video production team creates storylines with a beginning, middle and end, and a clear structure that captivates from the start – and holds attention throughout. Narratives, visuals and sound are weaved together, conveying messages and values that have staying power.


Excellent Emotional Appeal

Whether it’s with humor, empathy, inspiration or nostalgia, eliciting an emotional response strengthens the brand-consumer relationship. View our Sarasota video production team’s work, from Champs Sports video campaigns to breathtaking footage for Visit California, and you’ll notice emotional connections make a project stand out.

Sheer Simplicity

Commercials that concisely and clearly get to the heart of your message. That’s our goal, whether you hire us for professional video production in Sarasota or wherever you want your footage shot. Across each project in our Sarasota video production portfolio, you’ll notice messages are simple and straightforward, avoiding excessive information and complex visuals that overwhelm audiences. Remember this: simplicity increases retention.


A Killer
Call to Action

Your audience has viewed your video campaign. Now what’s the action you want them to take? A well-crafted call to action, like what our Sarasota video marketing agency creates for clients, motivates viewers to move forward with the next step of the journey, whether it’s visiting a website, purchasing a product or simply sharing the video they just watched.

A Clear
Target Audience

A high-quality commercial video in Sarasota – or anywhere, in general – should be tailored toward a specific demographic, considering their interests and personal preferences. It’s a message crafted to speak directly to them.


Affordable Video Production in Sarasota with Strong ROI

As a video production company in Sarasota, FL that has created projects for clients in a wide variety of industries, we’ve seen how investing in commercial videos can impact businesses. The benefits truly outweigh the cost of producing a breathtaking project. And, if you decide that collaborating with our Sarasota video production team is the right move for your business, you’ll see it for yourself. Increased sales and a rise in leads are just a few of the ways you’ll experience a return on investment over time.


A high-quality commercial video in Sarasota can raise your brand visibility and awareness, allowing you to introduce products and services to a wider audience. It’s all about achieving an edge over your business competitors, and video campaigns are an effective way to not only accomplish this but increase recognition in your community.


With MakSchu’s experience in professional video production in Sarasota, we know that video content tends to be more engaging than other, more traditional forms of media. High-quality video production in Sarasota has the potential to captivate viewers, hold their attention for long durations and create a connection with your brand.


And utilizing a Sarasota video marketing agency, or an experienced company near you, can generally help you convey complex information in a simple, strategic way. Certain products, like medical devices, or services, such as financial advising, may center on complicated concepts that need to be fully demonstrated. A video production company in Sarasota, FL, for example, can create a commercial video that incorporates visual demonstrations, animations or product showcases that simplify topics and make for easy comprehension.


With the rise of social media, these videos can be easily shared online – and may even go viral. Engaging, shareable content allows businesses to extend their reach well beyond traditional media, such as TV advertising spots. Gaining conversions and a competitive advantage in your industry are just two of many goals a production company, like our Sarasota, FL commercial videography team, can help you reach.

How MakSchu Guides You,
From Production
to Finished Product

Your success depends on a few factors – all of which we’ll cover, if you decide to use our Sarasota commercial video services. Once you define your target audience, our team will help you establish your video’s goal and follow through on turning it into a reality.  


How you craft your message is key. This should be clear, concise, relevant and memorable. Our comprehensive Sarasota, FL videography services enable our team to tailor the message you provide us into a well-rounded commercial of any desired length.


Next comes the script, and MakSchu will help you develop a storyline that outlines the essential points you want to cover in the commercial video. As professional videographers in Sarasota, we’ll also plan and incorporate the visual elements you feel are important, along with a strong call to action.


Now it’s time to shoot and edit your commercial. We’ll meticulously film your video, then edit and bring your message to life. This is where the magic happens, and your idea comes to fruition. It’s our favorite part of the entire process, and your project may become a proud part of our Sarasota video production portfolio!

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