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Product Videos That Elevate Your Customers’ Buying Experience

When you’re selling a spectacular product, it takes more than a simple description underneath a photo to catch the eyes of your potential buyers. And, in many cases, a paragraph of text just isn’t the most effective way to fully explain your product’s capabilities – or tell an audience why it’s worth their investment. This is where product videos are truly powerful for compelling people to buy, when ordinary words and photos just can’t do your merchandise or services justice. 

Product videos truly enhance the overall experience for a buyer. In fact, recent studies say that four times as many customers will opt to watch a product video over reading a description. Need more proof that video is worth the investment?

Roughly 74% users who watched a product explainer video end up buying the item

Plain and simple – consumers are more likely to purchase a product that was promoted with videos, and there is no shortage of statistics to back this up. MakSchu has created highly engaging product footage for clients in a variety of industries, so our team knows this area of video production extremely well. 

The luxury of watching a person interact with the product you’re selling goes a long way, giving buyers a sense of not only how to use an item but its overall quality. Consumers are able to empathize, and we shoot videos in a variety of styles to ensure your audience feels engaged with each passing second and every click. MakSchu has experience in tabletop shooting – a type of video style that is difficult to perfect – where a product is captured on a flat surface in impeccable detail. Our team also produces lifestyle videos, exemplifying stunning visuals and shots of what life is like when customers use your merchandise or services. 


The product videos we produce together, with you, can live anywhere that catches the attention of your customers. Our team creates videos to be placed on Amazon, social media pages, Shopify, your website and other e-commerce platforms. One of the biggest downsides to shopping online is the lack of interaction with products – even across largest user-friendly sites you frequent, like the Amazons of the world. Demonstration footage, in many cases, can solve this problem. Studies are out there explaining that the vast majority of shoppers watch videos online to learn about products before pulling the trigger on a purchase.


Use our new studio, fully equipped with lighting, audio and camera equipment, green screens, and editing suite

If you decide creating product videos makes sense for your business, MakSchu will plan a shoot that perfectly aligns with your needs. Our team produces videos in our new studio, fully equipped with lighting, audio and camera equipment, green screens, an editing suite and more – all located near Downtown Sarasota. MakSchu also books product video shoots on location, wherever makes sense for the video to be produced and what is most convenient for you.

When your product video is finally complete, you’ll see the results and why this marketing tool really works. In fact, e-commerce pages that utilize product footage generally experience a significant rise in conversions compared to sites that don’t. SEO and video production also goes hand-in-hand. You can typically expect your website to see a boost in placement on search engines, when you implement videos relevant to your products and overall business. Count on broadening your audience – and we’re here to help make it happen.

Endless possibilities await your business using product videos.

Check out our gallery to get a feel for the work we’ve created for many of our happy clients to truly get a feel for what’s in store. MakSchu has the expertise, art direction and proven success you need to elevate the buying experience for your customers.

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