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Animated Explainer Video

An Animated Explainer is a video that runs anywhere from 60-90 seconds explaining your product or business. Many brands choose to go with this route because it is a more graphical approach in explaining to your audience certain aspects of your product or service that might not be clear.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is the ability to bring life to any design elements or still photos. The ability to combine video footage and animated elements into one cohesive piece. We use and create Motion Graphics in almost all of our video productions. It could be a small detail like a lower third/name card in a video that just brings the production value up, a logo animation that defines your business' brand or it could be a futuristic head up display for that new futuristic car your are designing. The possibilities are endless when you consider motion graphics and how you can combine green-screen footage, 2D design, 3D elements, and photography.

2D Animation

2D animation is giving motion/life to any 2D graphics. This could be an image, graphic or even a logo. This could be best utilized for a business in their social media content to attract new and potential consumers to brand. We can develop and design 2D characters to help present your business, or bring life to quotes or statistics that might seem mundane to the viewer.

3D Animation

3D Animation is a great style when trying to have a more realistic look or more dimensional approach to a video. MakSchu is able to generate a 3D interior/exterior of a room, model designs for that new product you are developing, or create dynamic 3D transitions. 

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